B i o g r a p h y

Creating my life from nothing. I have literally tried everything, in my pursuit to find my place in the world, to create a life for which I could finally understand who I am, finally understand how I fit in within is world, to be of value to myself and to others.


 From being in a drug infested hostel, helping the other youths I lived with to their job seeking interviews by lending them my own suits and accompanying them only to be turned against afterward and threatened with a knife, from working my way through retail, admin, to private school teaching to travelling internationally in MLM schemes on 4 GCSE's with a troubled school history by holding up a sign in public saying "Im looking for an amazing job" and by house knocking in a three piece suit with my CV's looking for job opportunities and advice. To eventually giving it all up and trying to find and create my own way through doing art, doing youtube pranks, failing to create my own public interview series, trying to become a dancer, failing to do digital marketing, taking on self development courses online such as "The 67 steps", then finally choosing to take on playing guitar which what I always loved doing but was never too great at which I started doing on the street, from struggling to make enough to survive in a day to doing video shoots internationally, making it on CNBC news, getting in magazines, collaborating in a track that's been on BBC 1xtra, and on Genuis and on Linkup TV and being on RT news to then receiving global attention and playing to hundreds of people at events. I've transformed my life completely! And I have plans for so much more moving forward!


I was no one. I was lost, I was anxious and I was hungry. And now I have a story captured with images, words and music that I want to share to touch move and inspire the world with.


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